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Who I am

Husband and Father

This is where it all begins. The priceless smile, the shared moments, the unconditional love and the gift of sharing life. This is my foundation, my drive and passion. You want to learn a little bit of the “Witts” because we are a team and my approach to coaching is shaped by these great faces!

Coach and Mentor

I am a man who wears many hats, just like you. One of my hats is my COACH hat where I help others live to their full potential. I coach them through weight loss, strength building, life changes, and more than anything OWNING their lives and steering their future through personal development and education!

Genetic Conquerer

I thought I was Genetically "behind the eightball"...Until I took charge of my life and proved myself WRONG.

Who I Help:

  • People with NO TIME to workout
  • People are ready for a program and system that WORKS every time!
  • People who are SICK of Gimmick workouts and machines!
  • Men and Women with NO support at home
  • People who don’t want to STARVE themselves to lose weight
  • ​People who don’t want to give up their favorite foods.
  • ​People who want results fast
  • ​People who need someone to hold them accountable
  • Men and women who want to BURN Belly Fat!

How I do it:

  • 1 hour Free Consultation Call
  • Customized Approach – I design a program for you. (all facets)
  • Daily Accountability
  • ​Lifestyle Coaching
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Services Delivered Through Witt Transformations App
  • Typical Program is 16 weeks – This is enough time for me to teach you everything you need to continue on your own
  • Cost– Easiest way to put this, i’m not the cheapest and it depends. Flexible payment options available.

The Results People are Getting:

Have a look into our gallery to have some glimpse of our gym

What People Are Saying:

If you follow the right workout routine, you will get exactly
what you need.

Preston is an amazing coach and truly cares about his clients! By always keeping me accountable to my goals he helped me get healthy and lose 50 pounds, but he also cares enough that he is always willing to listen and offer advice when you're struggling.
Tysa, NE
I suffer from depression and felt like getting in shape or having self esteem was for others. Never thought i could feel that way or even know where start in on a workout. I ate bad and didn't know anything about meal plans. Then came along one of my friends i have had in my life. Coach Preston has helped more than i can ever thank him. Preston is always there to help you! #bestcoach
Brandon, NY
Preston is the most honest supportive, conscientious, and genuine coach you could ever hope to have. His Facebook support groups have helped me rethink my priorities in life and to put fitness and health at the forefront of my life.
Conor, UK

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